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Vita Ochigova

5′ 9″
107 Lbs
33 C
Waist size:
24 cm

There are many things to think about when you are considering a new project. The goal of the project, how you will achieve it, the message you want a model to portray, and which modeling agency you contract with are just a few things that have to be decided. Your choice of modeling agency is one of the most critical because that will determine the quality of models you have access to. Vita is one example of how Boon Models works to provide the most experienced models available.
It is important to work with a modeling agency that offers a wide variety. A quality model is more than just technical experience and training. Every model also has qualities that are unique to them. Vita is no different. Her portfolio illustrates her ability to showcase a wide variety of products. Take a quick look through Vita’s portfolio and your mind starts to flow with all the different products that she could showcase effectively.
The first photo illustrates Vita’s ability to look like a woman that you might find living in any community in the World. She has a very wholesome quality about her. But, she also is able to mix this with her natural beauty. This creates a “total package” that drips sensuality. This allows her to be successful in front of a camera as well as on the runway.
As you move through the photographs then you see that Vita is well aware of her natural beauty and ability to use it. She is very confident in front of a camera. This allows her to effortlessly convey a wide variety of emotions and looks. This is able to appeal to a wide variety of customer projects and produce results that help achieve even the most demanding results. Contact us today to find out how you can book Vita.

Vita Ochigova

Height:5’9 FeetWeight:107 LbsDress Size:2Hair:BlondEye:GreenBust:33Waist:24Hips:35 cmShoe:8

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