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Marissa Mireless



5′ 9.5″
130 Lbs
Waist size:
26 cm
Boon Model’s staff works with clients throughout the country. Many of these clients have returned multiple times. This has allowed our staff to build relationships with them and get to know what they want and don’t want in a model. We have heard many horror stories of modeling agencies that provided inexperienced or downright bad models. Our website gives us a great chance to not only showcase the models we work with but also explain to potential clients how our models avoid common mistakes. Marissa Mireless gives us just that chance. As we look at her portfolio, we can take a moment and explain how experience avoids common pitfalls.
Marissa Mireless Knows How to Accentuate Her Natural Beauty
inexperienced models do not always understand how to elongate their body – when appropriate – to accentuate their natural beauty. For a wonderful example, let’s look at Marissa’s first photo. She extends her neck to accentuate the expression that she is making. This is complimented by the dark makeup around her eyes. The combination creates a photo that immediately draws your eye to what is being expressed by her eyes and lips.
Marissa Doesn’t Need Makeup To Cover Imperfections
Makeup is a wonderful tool to help create many different effects. But, if you have a model that requires makeup just to cover imperfections then the effect may be lost or worse the model will looks fake. Marissa’s natural beauty is of such high quality that she doesn’t need much makeup. This allows her the ability to produce a greater number of effects both with makeup and without.
Being able to position her body to accentuate her natural beauty and being free from imperfections are two highly sought after qualities in a model. If you want to book the high quality and experienced models for your next runway show or commercial modeling project then work with one of the best modeling agencies in the country. Our staff is as experienced as our models. They will gladly walk with you through every step of the process to ensure you get the maximum benefit possible.



Height:5′ 9.5″ FeetWeight:130 LbsDress Size:4Hair:BrownEye:BrownBust:36CWaist:26Hips:36Shoe:7.5

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