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Lily Bauer

Lily Bauer

5′ 9″
135 Lbs
34 A/B/c
Waist size:
27 inch
34 inch

Whether or not the x-factor exists has been the source of a lot of controversy but if, in fact, it does then that must be what sets Lily apart from other models. With her unique look that could make her a hit in any environment she is sure to boost your project to new heights. An unconventional girl next door that is ready to take a ride on the wild side is sure to make her an instant darling when used in a project that can use her look.

The most important thing of an advertising campaign is its focal point and in most cases the focal point is your model. For this reason your model needs to be one that fits the role that she will need to play, in essence. Using facial expression and body language a picture can come alive which is very effective for any campaign. Using a model from Boon Models will ensure you are working with a professional who knows what is expected.

Take a look at Lily’s portfolio and you are sure to agree. Her classic beauty reminds of British royalty but she also offers a slight touch of spice, particularly when you look at the portfolio pics where she wears high neck clothing. A simple act such as adding a hat adds a chick edge and a bathing costume shows of her attractive contours. It just goes to prove her versatility and the talent she has for modeling making her a great choice.

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