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jordan Pyatt


Jordan Pyatt

5′ 9″
123 Lbs
Waist size:
25 cm
8 -8.5

There are many ingredients that go into any successful modeling project. A major ingredient is which model you choose to work with. We have set ourselves apart as one of the foremost modeling agencies in the country because we are able to attract and work with models whose work is able to achieve even the requirements of our most discerning clients. This ability is easily seen in Jordan Pyatt.
In addition to exceptional modeling skills, each model has some personal attributes that create their own persona in front of the camera. When utilized correctly, these attributes attract a wide variety of clients. This is certainly true of Jordan. She is able to use her natural aura to portray everything from an innocent young girl to a mysterious and dark woman.
Jordan’s unique attributes are not the only thing that she brings to the table. She also possesses a great amount of confidence in every job that she does. This can easily be seen in her portfolio. The first photo shows her in a simple white outfit. But, the pose she strikes and the look she gives the camera illustrates how easily she creates a powerfully moving photograph.
The next photo illustrates her ability to project a darker side. She is posing in a completely black ensemble. Her stance shows that she is closed off to the world around her. Her cold glance communicates a message that she is upset. What a wide range of emotion this young model is able to provide.
This ability to communicate so many emotions and to go from basic to very complex is critical to the success of any project. Any campaign that utilizes a model with such awesome communication ability will produce great emotion in anyone seeing it. These emotions are important to create a campaign that calls people to action. This is exactly the type of quality modeling that you need for your next project.

Jordan Pyatt

Height:5′ 9″ FeetWeight:123 LbsDress Size:0-2Hair:BlondeEye:BlueBust:32 BWaist:25Hips:36 cmShoe:8 -8.5

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