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Conner Curnick

Conner Curnick

6′ 2″
Chest :
42 inch
31 inch

Connor is one of those models who prove that six-packs aren’t all that. Smoldering hot in swimwear and shorts he exudes the confidence of one who knows just how sought after he is sure to become. He should know this because his striking blue-green eyes are sure to melt many a heart as the young man’s career progresses. He seems very comfortable without a shirt on the beach but it is quite obvious that he’ll look just as comfy in any other outfit.

Boon Models have the uncanny ability to find the extraordinary within the ordinary and bring it to the fore. In doing this the models signed with this company learn more about themselves and discover all of the facets they were unaware of before. They also learn how each facet can be accessed on command to make for the most beautifully professional projects created.

These models come from all over the world, each of them filled with dreams of wonder and a brighter future. They dream of seeing themselves featured in or even on a world famous publication or maybe of appearing on a catwalk wearing world famous designers’ creations and for most of the lucky individuals that are signed with Boon Models, these dreams of grandeur oftentimes become reality. The moment they start strutting their stuff, clients cannot get enough.

You know you are dealing with the best in the business when you get your models right here. Well trained and confident individuals with character of substance to boot are sure to blow you away.

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