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5′ 6″
34 C
Waist size:
25 inch
32 inch

Any successful marketing project involves many elements. One of the most critical is the model that you will be using. Boon models is one of the premier modeling agencies in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and NYC because of our ability to pull together a selection of models that can produce work that achieves the goals of any modeling project. Amanda’s modeling portfolio illustrates our commitment to finding and providing the highest quality models.
Every model has a personal trait that set them apart. Like any product, this trait becomes a draw for potential clients. At first glance, Amanda’s is the exotic air that she portrays. This is certainly true. Her natural beauty harkens thoughts of a Hawaiian Princess. But, that is just the surface of the wonderful qualities that makes Amanda a premier model.
Amanda is aware of her exotic traits. But, she also has the confidence and experience to realize that this is just one layer of her. Her modeling portfolio portrays this well. One shot shows her in some casual wear in front of a lake with a gazebo in the background. When you first look at this picture you don’t even think exotic. Your mind goes to fishing with the family, great summer days around the lake, and family vacations gone by.
Her ability to bring these thoughts and emotions to the viewer’s mind is the Holy Grail for any marketing campaign. When someone can attach these types of emotions to your campaign then they are likely to act. This creates and wonderful formula for producing works that achieves the highest goals. Trust your next modeling project to a professional modeling agency that offers only the highest quality models. The outcome is sure to produce results that will keep you returning.

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